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Managing Your Clutter Folder on Office 365
Posted by Melinda Barnsley on 06 March 2017 09:25 AM

The ITS Help Desk often hears from faculty and staff regarding missed emails because of the Clutter folder in Office 365.

Clutter moves your low priority messages out of your Inbox so you can easily scan for important messages. Clutter analyzes your email habits, and based on your past behavior, it determines the messages that you are most likely to ignore. It then moves those messages to a folder called Clutter, where you can review them later. It is important that you check your Clutter folder too. 

If you would like to turn off the Clutter option in Office 365, click here or cut and paste the link below in your browser:

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Help Desk at (603)535-2929 or for assistance.

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The new PSU Office 365 email and calendar system is now Live!
Posted by Jo-Ann Guilmett on 23 June 2016 07:58 AM

The switchover to the new PSU email and calendar system is now complete and from a systems perspective it went very smoothly. 

Everyone should be able to see their email and calendars when logging on to myPlymouth.  To do so, simply click on the mail or calendar links in the newly created myOffice 365 channel which has taken the place of the old Email and Calendar channels on the Welcome page in MyPlymouth.

Need some help getting started?  Please visit our Office 365 Overview page in the ITS Knowledge base at:  

As always, if you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to the call the Helpdesk.



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New Email and Calendar Systems go Live in one week!
Posted by Jo-Ann Guilmett on 14 June 2016 05:07 PM

PSU will be migrating its email and calendar systems to the Microsoft Office 365 suite of services next week.  

If you currently use the Zimbra web client for your email and calendar purposes, the links to the current Zimbra email and calendar in myPlymouth will redirect you to the new system on the morning of June 21st.   No additional changes are required for your computer.

Our Desktop Support Technicians are making the rounds this week in order to properly adjust the email settings for many of our administrative users, especially those with desktop systems.  If you receive a visit from Shawn or William this week in order to update your system to the new email settings, we ask that you use the web-based Zimbra client until the go-live on Tuesday morning.  At that time, you may return to using your Outlook or Apple mail/cal processes. 

If you DO NOT receive a visit from Shawn or William this week, and you have a PSU Laptop computer, you are asked to bring your laptop (and iPad, iPhone, or other mobile devices) to the ITS Helpdesk in Lamson according to the following appointment windows:

 Tuesday, June 21st

            9 am – noon:  Last names beginning with A - B.

            1 pm – 4 pm:  Last names beginning with C - D. 

Wednesday, June 22nd

            9 am – noon:  Last names beginning with E - H.

            1 pm – 4 pm:  Last names beginning with I - L.

Thursday, June 23rd

            9 am – noon:  Last names beginning with M.

            1 pm – 4 pm:  Last names beginning with N – R.

Friday, June 24th

            9 am – noon:  Last names beginning with S - V.

            1 pm – 4 pm:  Last names beginning with W – Z.


If you are going to be away from campus during the week of the migration, we ask that you use the web-based system in myPlymouth while you are traveling and that you contact the Helpdesk upon your return to work to set up a time to have one of our staff assist you. 

If you plan to be away from campus for the remainder of the summer, and are going to be in a location where you will have a strong, reliable internet connection, we may be able to assist you via a remote Team Viewer session.  Please send an email to to schedule an appointment for an online service call.


Additional Details about the migration:

  • The Shares on calendars and other folders are not able to be migrated.  Documentation will be provided via email on the morning of the 21st for sharing calendars and other folders on the new system.  Please note: You do not have to share a calendar to see free-busy information; this will also be in the documentation.
  • Zimbra Filters will not be migrated. 
  • Zimbra Briefcase items will not be migrated.
  • Zimbra mail contacts will be migrated to the new system. 
  • Zimbra Distribution Lists will be migrated to the new system.
  • Zimbra folders within mail will be migrated, as will their contents. 
  • All Zimbra calendars that have a minimum of 5 appointments scheduled on them in the last year (June 2015) will automatically be migrated to the new system.  Zimbra tasks associated with these entries will also be migrated.
  • Although the old Zimbra system will no longer be able to send or receive email beginning the morning of June 21st, we will maintain read-only access to your Zimbra account for verification purposes through September. 


We know that that there is never a good time to interrupt your access to these important resources, and we appreciate your patience as we work to enhance our service offerings and provide you with the best service possible.  Please contact the helpdesk at 603-535-2929 or via email at with any questions or concerns.

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Beware of Phishing Scams targeting Students
Posted by Jo-Ann Guilmett on 26 April 2016 06:25 PM

We want to make you aware that PSU has seen an increased number of Phishing messages that are specifically targeting students.   All with the same goal of tricking you into providing your username and password.  

If you get a message that asks for your urgent response in order to maintain any PSU services;

chances are, IT IS NOT REAL!

Phishing messages typically ask you to:

  • confirm your account
  • log in to upgrade your quota,
  • log in to maintain email access
  • or may even report that they have detected suspicious activity in your account.



What should you do?

  • DO NOT trust the message!
  • Look at where the URL really takes you.   If it does not go to, again DO NOT trust it.
  • If in doubt, call the PSU Helpdesk (535-2929).



Why is it a problem?

  • Places you at a higher risk for Identity Theft
  • Gives them access to your Grades, Class content, and Financial Aid information
  • Fills your Email with junk (they send out SPAM as you)              

When in doubt, DON’T CLICK – CALL the HELPDESK!

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Important Security Concern regarding Quicktime Player on Windows Computers
Posted by Jo-Ann Guilmett on 21 April 2016 04:37 PM

We have been advised by the Department of Homeland Security to immediately remove the Quicktime video player from all Windows computers due to an exploit which allows hackers to take control.   

Quicktime, an Apple product, is no longer supported on Windows Operating System.  Apple continues to support Quicktime on Mac Computers which are not impacted by this problem.

We will begin removing Quicktime from all PSU owned Windows computers via our managed software service today.  You do not need to do anything; the removal process will happen automatically.  

Additionally, we strongly encourage you to remove the Quicktime player from your personal Windows computers as well.  Instructions for doing so, can be found on the Apple Support site at the following URL:

Please contact the Helpdesk if you have questions or concerns at 535-2929.



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