Kaltura- Adding a video to your course page
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Through Kaltura's video repository integration with Moodle, instructors can add unlimited videos to their course pages. Use the following instructions to insert a Kaltura video to your course (this process may be repeated for multiple videos).

Adding a video to your course page

  1. In your course page, click the Turn editing on button in the top right corner.
  2. Click Add an Activity or Resource, select Kaltura Video Resource, and click Add.
  3. Create a name for your video in the Name field (required) and a description if you wish (optional).
  4. Scroll down to the Video section and click Add media
  5. If you have already added your video to your library, skip to Step 10. Your media library will open. Click Add New, then Media Upload
  6. Then click Choose a file to upload.
  7. From your file explorer or finder window, locate the video you'd like to add and click Open
  8. Give your video a name, optional description, and any tags you'd like to add. *It is recommended that you add the tag "CaptionASR" so that automated closed captions will be added. Click Save 
  9. Click Back to Browse and Embed
  10. Next to the video you'd like to add, click the small arrow on the Select button, and then click Large. This will embed a video player that's large enough for students to see without changing the video display to fullscreen. 
  11. Click Save and Display at the bottom of the page. You'll now see a link for your video on your course page. Click the link to preview the embedded video. 
  • Due to processing times, your video may not be available to watch right away. Please check back later if this is the case.
  • If you'd like to record a webcam video, a screencapture, or a presentation, please refer to instructions on Kaltura CaptureSpace
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