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Kaltura has recently introduced a new screen, webcam, and audio recorder called CaptureSpace. The software can be accessed and downloaded through Moodle, and then used as a stand-alone application. You can easily record videos and upload them to your Kaltura library, or save them in a location of your choice. See the end of this article for a video walkthrough!

Downloading CaptureSpace 

  1. To access CaptureSpace, from myPlymouth, click on the myCourses tab, and then click Kaltura under Academic Technology Tools on the right side of the page.

  2. Or, from any Moodle page, go to the “Navigation” block and click Dashboard, then My Media

  3. Click the Add Media button, then click CaptureSpace

  4. Click to download the software for Windows/Mac

    CaptureSpace Lite Download

  5. Follow prompts for installation
  6. When prompted (Mac), drag and drop the Kaltura icon into the Applications folder

Drag and drop Kaltura

*If you receive an "Access Denied" message, or a black or blank screen, first try a different browser. If you still experience issues, please refer to the following article and instructions on how to edit your browser settings: Kaltura- Access Denied. If you continue to experience problems, please contact the Help Desk for support.

Editing Settings

  1. In Moodle, once again go to the Navigation block and click Dashboard, then My Media. Click the Add New button to launch CaptureSpace for the first time. If prompted to give permission for the app to open, click Yes
  2. After opening the software for the first time via Moodle, you will also be able to open CaptureSpace from Finder (Mac) or Program Files (Windows)
  3. In the Settings tab, click "Browse" and select the file location where you would like to save your recorded videos

  4. Set the webcam (if applicable) and microphone you would like to use from the drop-down menu
  5. Set the camera recording quality to 720p, and the screen recording quality to 1080p or 720p
  6. Click Save

        CaptureSpace Lite Settings

 Recording a Screencast or Audio Recording (with or without a PPT)

  1. Prepare your PowerPoint and script (if using), and have open on your desktop

  2. Select the type of video you would like to record, Presentations & Lectures, Screen, Screen & Webcam, Webcam, or Voice (audio only)

  3. If recording a screencast, Select Full Screen then click Record

  4. Start your PowerPoint slideshow, if using, hide the mouse off to the side, and record your narrated video

  5. You may want to record a couple slides and then watch the resulting video, to ensure audio and video recording is successful

  6. When finished recording, click Done (you may need to click on Kaltura in the dock or Task Bar to bring up the controls)

CaptureSpace main screen

Editing a CaptureSpace Video

  1. Editing options will pop up on the left side of your video

  2. Use Trim to chop off the start and end of your video (when you were opening / closing the PPT, etc.)

  3. Use Chop to remove any errors within the video

  4. Playback using the Play button to check for accuracy

  5. Click Apply to finalize changes

CaptureSpace Editing Screen CaptureSpace editing tools

Saving a Video 

  1. In the Library tab, select the video you would like to save or upload

  2. To upload to Kaltura, give your video a title and optional description, then click Upload

  3. To save the video to the folder you designated in the Settings tab, click Save

CaptureSpace Upload or Save

For instructions on how to insert videos in your course, please read the following knowledgebase article: Adding a video to your course page

Submitting a Video to an Assignment or Forum in Moodle

  1. In Moodle, select the assignment or forum to which you would like to add your video

  2. In the submission text field, add some text to describe your video (optional), then click the Kaltura icon

    Kaltura Icon

  3. Select the video you would like to add (click the drown-down arrow to select size, large is recommended) and then click Embed

  4. Your video will initially appear as a link, but in the final submission or posting, it will be embedded

    Kaltura link in post


    Kaltura video embedded

  5. View your submission or posting to confirm that it worked correctly and that your video will play back

*Videos can also be uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, etc. All recorded videos are stored locally within the folder designated in the CaptureSpace settings tab.

CaptureSpace Overview

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