Working Remotely: Pair Your Campus Extension With Your Cell Phone
Posted by Melinda Barnsley, Last modified by Erika Rydberg on 25 March 2020 09:58 AM

The ITS Infrastructure team has a tool called EC500 so employees working remotely can forward their work extension to their cell phone or landline phone.

If you have not requested activation of this service, please email the Help Desk at with the following information:

Your PSU telephone number and your cellphone number, including area code. 

Once you have received confirmation from the Help Deskesk that your extension has been programmed properly, you will use the information below to manage your campus extension from your cellphone.

How to manage your campus extension remotely:

Once you activate your office telephone, perform one of the following options depending on your preference by dialing the appropriate number on your cell phone:

(603) 535-0125 Enable EC500 (calls ring at office telephone and cell phone)

(603) 535-0126 Cancel EC500 (calls ring at office telephone only)

(603) 535-0129 Enable Send All (calls go directly to campus voicemail, even if if you called (603)535-0125 to enable EC500)

(603) 535-0130 Cancel Send All

After dialing the number you will hear three beeps, this means activation was successful so you can hang up.

After your cell phone and office telephone are paired, when you call anyone on campus from your cell phone, they will see your office telephone extension on their caller id, not your cell phone number. 

When EC500 is enabled, calls to your office telephone will ring once at your office telephone, then simultaneously at both your office telephone and cell phone. If you have a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone, you will receive a ring simultaneously at both your office telephone and cell phone. 

When making campus-related calls, you can avoid advertising your cell phone number to off-campus numbers by dialing into campus and obtaining dial tone. To do this, from your cell phone, dial (603) 535-0121. Once you receive a dial tone on your cell phone, enter 9, then the off-campus number you want to dial (just as you would using your office phone).

Note:  If your cell phone is unavailable (turned off, out of signal range, etc), and you have allowed EC500 to sync your cell phone and office telephone, incoming calls to your office telephone may go directly to your cell phone voicemail.

 If you have any questions, please contact the Help Desk at (602)535-2929 or email

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