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CTS Loaned out Equipment


Some equipment CTS loans out to people are given out as a black bag with various cables, objects, and doodads in them. Keeping track of what cable goes in what bag can be a difficult thing to memorize, so a list has been made to provide a checklist to keep track of what item goes in what bag. It is a good idea to check to see when a loan is returned that all equipment items are in the various bags and accounted for.


Laptop Bags



-VGA Cable

* Macs do not have a VGA slot, so an adapter is needed to connect to the VGA. A mini DPA to VGA adapter might come along with the bag


Digital Cameras

-The Camera

-A charger cable 

- A USB Connector that goes from camera to computer


LCD Projectors

-The Projector

-A power Cable

-A VGA Cable

-A remote


Turing Point Clicker Remotes

-There should be a label on the top of the bag how many remotes should be in the bag (15, 30, 45)

-A USB stick inside a bag that connects to the computer


Power Point Remote

- The remote itself

- An extra pair of batteries

-A USB stick that connects the remote to the computer



-The tripod


Skype Kit 3 & 4

- The base for the kit

- The bulb (Camera)

- Power Cord

- USB Connector








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