Building a Quiz
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The Quiz feature is a tool that allows for automatic grading, assuming you create questions that have definitive answers. There are a number of various question types for a wide range of possibilities for your assessment. Follow the steps below to add a quiz to your course. 

Start With Your Course Question Bank

The best way to begin building a quiz is to start with your course Question Bank.This area allows you to organize your questions into categories, so you can reuse questions later in the course.

  1. In your Moodle course page, locate the course's Administration block (usually found on the left sidebar) and select Question Bank.
  2. Scroll down to the expanded Question bank area in the Administrative block and select Categories.
  3. This page will display any categories that you have built. In the Add category section, type out a new category name that coincides with the questions you'd like to build (for example: Chapter Once you've typed out the name, select the Add category button at the bottom of the page1,Chapter 7 Multiple ChoiceQuiz 2Intro to Biology, etc.).
  4. Once you've typed out the name, select the Add category button at the bottom of the page.
  5. Your new category has been added to your overall course category. Now click on either (0) next to the new category or scroll down to the Questions link in the Question bank area of the Administration block. This will bring you to the category's question list.
  6. Select the Create a new question button and choose a particular type of question. Now proceed with building your question.
  7. When finished, your question will be added to the category and will display a (1) to show that one question exists.
  8.  Repeat the question building process until you have built all your questions.

Create the Quiz Shell

1. From your course main page, select the Turn editing on button in the top right corner.

2. Navigate to the topic/week of your choice, and click on the + Add an activity or resource menu.

3. Choose the Quiz radio button and select Add at the bottom of the window.

4. Enter the appropriate information in the Name field and enter student instructions in the Description field.

5. Scroll down through the settings for the quiz and change any of the existing default settings to meet your needs (date, time, attempts, etc.).

6. When you have completed these selections, click on the Save and display button.

  • If you chose Save and return to course by accident, you will be brought to the course page. Click on the newly created quiz and advance to the next series of instructions.

Adding Your Quiz Questions

1. You should be looking at the Quiz information page. Click on the Edit quiz button to build your quiz.

2. Locate the Question Bank box on the right side of the screen. Check the Show button (if it is marked as Hide you can leave it alone).

3. Open the appropriate category from the Select a category drop down menu. The page will reload when you select a different category.

4. To add a question to your quiz, click on the Add question button.

5. If you'd like to add several questions at once you can check off the questions using the check boxes and then selecting the Add to quiz button.

6. After the page reloads, your question will have been added to the quiz (scroll to the bottom of the quiz page to see the question ordering).

7. If you would like to change the score of the quiz, locate the Maximum grade text box and enter in a new score. Select the Save button to confirm your changes.

Tip: To randomly select questions from a category, be sure the correct category is selected and scroll to the bottom of the question bank. There is a drop down menu for Add random questions from category. Select the amount of questions you'd like to randomly add and select the Add to quiz button to its right. This will place a random amount of questions into your quiz, so each student will have different questions to take.

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