Adding a user to a course
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If you are interested in adding PSU users to your class, you have the ability to enroll them into one of the following roles:

  • Teacher - the Teacher has complete access to a course.
  • Librarian - the Librarian role is a modified teacher role, except there is no access to the grades area.
  • Non-editing teacher - the Non-editing teacher role is similar to the Teacher, except editing is disabled. Users in this role can access grades and reports, as well as student submissions.
  • Importer - the Importer role allows the designated user to import your course content into their own section. They do not have editing privileges in your course, so they will not be able to edit. They can however choose to edit the content if they import it into one of their own sections.
  • Student - Students can view resources, interact with activities, and are eligible to be graded. This role is synced to Banner, so students will be automatically added/removed according to their registration status. Instructors should never enroll students manually. 
  • Student with unlimited time
  1. From your course's home page go to the Administration block (usually on the left sidebar), select the Users option.
  2. Then, click on Enrolled users.
  3. Choose the Enroll user box on the upper right hand of the screen.
  4. Below, in the Search text box, type in the user's full name or PSU email address (not their email alias).
  5. Select the Enter key on your keyboard (or Return) to search the system.
  6. Then choose which role you would like to assign the user in the assign roles drop down box.
  7. When you find the correct user and have selected the correct role, select the Enroll button next to his/her name.
  8. Select the Finish enrolling users button to complete the process. 
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