IMPORTANT Portfolio Pages in Mahara - Why?
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Here are descriptions about the important portfolio pages.

When you start your Portfolio page, you will have two pages (dashboard and profile pages) that already exist:

Dashboard Page:  

This is your landing page.  There are five blocks on the left side of the screen.  They are:

  • Find improvements of the latest version;
  • Knowledgebase which is a help section;
  • Mahara Moodle Course which you can get step by step instructions (set up in a book form with a Table of Content);
  • Help Desk - if you cannot find the answers to your questions. Go to Help desk and they can help you;
  • Teacher Prep Programs Templates are in the fifth block

Profile Page:

This is your face to the rest to the University and the World.  

  • This is a Public Page. Once you make your profile page or any portfolio page public, Google and other search engines can index and cache it. Even if you take the public access away at some point, the cached version may still be available online. Pages that are made available via a secret URL are not found by search engines unless you link to them from another page.
  • It is view-able by the entire PSU community, including students, faculty, administration, staff and alumni by default. If they click on your name, the person can see your profile page.  
  • It is advisable to include only a short, generic introduction on your Profile page.  
  • Do NOT put anything that you want to keep private.  
  • Profile page are not visible to anybody outside the PSU system, even if it is shared via secret url, because they are not logged into the system.  
  • This is NOT the place to put your Portfolio assignments given to you by an instructor.
  • Your Profile page comes pre-loaded with the following information:
    • Your display name (or real name if you do not have a display name)
    • Your Pages that are visible to the person viewing your Profile page
    • Your Groups
    • Your Wall
    • Your Friends
We advise you not to use your profile page as your portfolio because you cannot control who can look at the information you make available on your profile. At minimum it is everybody in your institution or who has an account on Mahara. At maximum it can be everybody online. Always remember to think about your own personal security before releasing contact information on a publicly available page or even just for other Mahara users.

Portfolio Pages:

These are NOT viewable by just anyone except for you, until you share it. Therefore it has a greater amount of security and should be filled with specialized content to share with specific people.

It does not matter if a person is a Mahara "friend." It does not change the access he or she has to your Profile or Portfolio pages. 

This is one of the reasons we advise students to create their course content on a Portfolio page, so that they can have granular control over who can see their materials. There are different levels of access control or sharing available; it's possible to restrict access by username, Group, or "Secret URL" with a time limit.

Always remember to think about your own personal security before releasing contact information on a publicly available page or even just for other PSU Mahara users.

The Profile page can be edited in exactly the same way as a Portfolio page - both page types have the same capabilities. 
Portions of this article have been adapted from Mahara documentation.



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