Inserting a webcam snapshot
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PoodLL Anywhere is Moodle's audio recorder, whiteboard, and webcam snapshot feature, all integrated into the formatting toolbar. This toolbar is found in most Moodle resources and activities, such as a Label, Page, description area, forum posting, etc. See below for more information.


  1. Visit any area in your course with the formatting toolbar (Forum post, Label, Page, Assignment description, etc.)
  2. Make sure the Show editing tools tab is selected (top left icon in the text editor), thus displaying all of the toolbar's editing options.
  3. Notice the camerapinwheel, and microphone icons. These icons are known as PoodLL Anywhere (see image below).

  • Webcam Snapshot (camera): This icon will allow you to insert a still image captured from your computer's webcam.
  • Whiteboard (pinwheel): This icon will allow you to virtually draw something using your computer mouse.
  • Audio Recording (microphone): This icon will allow you to record audio from a microphone connected to your computer.

    7.  Once saved, your work will appear as intended to any user in the course.

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