Using the Attendance activity
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Instructors can use the Attendance Activity to keep track of their students' presence in a face to face class or online classroom. When using this feature, instructors create class sessions, where you can mark students as being Present, Absent, Excused, Late, etc. Moodle places a value on these options so a student's class Attendance score is calculated automatically.


Adding the Attendance Activity

1. With editing turned on in your course, click +Add an activity or resource

2. Choose the Attendance radio button and select Add at the bottom of the window.

3. If you'd like a different name for the Attendance module, type it into the Name text box.

4. Under Grade, set the number of points that attendance is worth in your syllabus (if applicable). Select the grade category for attendance if you have created a category in the Gradebook. 

Adding Attendance to Gradebook

5. In Common Module Settings make sure the visibility is set to Show

6. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Save and return to course.


Creating Your Class Sessions

Now its time to create attendance scoring areas, or Sessions, for each class during your semester.

1. Select the Add Session tab inside of the Attendance activity.

2. Select the date of your first class, and set the class time below.

3. To create repeat sessions for the same day and time each week, scroll down to the Multiple Sessions settings. 

4. Check "Repeat the above session as follows," and enter the following settings:

· Repeat on: Select the days of the week on which your class meets

· Repeat every: 1 week (if your class meets every other week, select the 2 option)

· Repeat until: Choose the last day of the semester.

5. When you are finished selecting your options, scroll to the bottom and click Add.

5. Once Moodle is done saving your work, select the Sessions tab to view your newly created class sessions.

6. If you would like to set custom acronyms, descriptions, and grades for within the Attendance module, click the Settings tab, and edit the fields before your first session. (The grade for E, or Excused, is typically set to 1 point out of 2. We recommend changing the Excused point value to 2). 

Taking Attendance

1. Select the Sessions tab inside of the Attendance activity.

2. Tip: To display all class sessions on one page, select the All button underneath your tabs area.

3. Locate the class session you'd like to take Attendance for. In that row, click on the green circle icon in the Actions column.

4. To save time, click the "Set Status for All Users" radio button in the appropriate category, and then edit specific students as needed.

5. If your student was Present during that session, select the P radio button. If your student was absent, select the A button, and so on.

6. Check that all students have been marked with the appropriate radio button, adding remarks if necessary (i.e. used one of two excused absences, sick this day, etc.)

Taking attendance 2

7. Select the Save attendance button at the bottom to save your work.

8. Moodle will automatically display the attendance grade for students in their Grades area. You can view this by accessing Grades and locating the newly created Attendance column.

Note: To edit a saved Attendance grade, click on the session date or time link to go back to the scoring area.

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