Team Viewer
Posted by Steven Cramton, Last modified by Peter Simari on 05 April 2018 10:48 AM

TeamViewer allows the ITS Help Desk, with your permission, to remotely view and control your Windows or Mac computer.

Once downloaded, simply double click on the file to open it (or extract the zip file if on a Mac). Please provide the ITS Help Desk with the ID and Password shown. The ITS Help Desk can then initiate the remote support session. Normally, the ITS Help Desk employee will continue speaking with you on the phone while they troubleshoot your problem.

The ITS Help Desk can only remotely connect to your computer if TeamViewer is running. Although the nine digit ID is unique to your computer (it won't change between remote sessions), the password will change every time a remote session is created. This prevents unauthorized access, and protects the privacy of your computer.


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