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For troubleshooting purposes as well as reporting spam emails, it is required that we obtain a complete email message including the associated email headers. E-mail headers contain technical details, including the path the message took from the sender to the recipients, IP addresses, dates, and spam flagging information.

Office 365 - Outlook Web App

  1. Click PSU Mail or View myMail  from the "Welcome" screen in myPlymouth.
  2. Click New. This will open a message as its own window within your browser.
  3. Next, organize your browser windows so that you can view both your mail folder listing and this message window.
  4. Drag the email, from your mail folder list, that you want to include in the message you are composing. It will be included as an attachment.
  5. Enter any other relative information and click Send button.

Note: The recipient(s) will receive this message which will include the message you dragged into it as an attachment.


  1. Click the Home tab, then click More and then Forward as Attachment. Selecting multiple messages will automatically attach them to a new message.
  2. If reporting spam, send the email to abuse [at]

Apple Mail

  1. Open the "In" mailbox if it isn't already open (Mailbox pull-down menu -> Show -> In OR press command-1 on the keyboard ).
  2. Select all the messages to be forwarded and right mouse click (or control click) and select "Forward as Attachment"
  3. If reporting spam, send the email to abuse [at]
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