Adding a Twitter Feed to Moodle
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There are two main steps to add a Twitter timeline to Moodle:

  1. Create a Twitter Widget in Twitter Widget Configurator which produces some HTML code.
  2. Add an HTML block containing the Widget HTML code to your Moodle module.

Twitter Timelines

There are four types of Twitter timeline that you can add to Moodle with a Twitter Widget:

  1. User Timeline - all the tweets from your own or another Twitter account
  2. Favorites - tweets that you or another user have marked as Favorites
  3. List - tweets from multiple Twitter users (but not your own account). You must create a List in Twitter first.
  4. Search - tweets based on a Search term including #hashtags

Creating Your Twitter Widget

  1. Login to Twitter and go to Settings, then Widgets or use this direct link to Widgets.
  2. Click the Create new button
  3. Choose one of the 4 Timeline options: User Timeline, Favorites, List or Search.
  4. Complete the form. There are some timeline specific options and then some common settings that are used by all timelines.
    • User Timeline - type a username (your own or another user). You can also choose whether to include Replies in the timeline.
    • Favorites - type a username (your own or another user).
    • List - select a pre-prepared List
    • Search - type a keyword or #hashtag in the Search query box. You can also choose to restrict the timeline to the top tweets only and to apply safe search filter.
  5. Optional - Amend the common settings:
    • Options: Untick Auto-expand photos to remove photos from your timeline.
    • Height: Increase or decrease the height of the timeline. (The default 600px will display roughly 4 or 5 tweets)
    • Theme: Choose Light or Dark. (Light is recommended for Moodle)
    • Link Colour: You can keep the standard blue or use City red by pasting "c9282e" in the pop-up and clicking Done.
    • Advanced options are also available
  6. Click Create Widget to generate the HTML code for your Widget. It will be displayed on the right below the Widget preview.
  7. Copy the code to use it in the next step - Adding the Twitter Widget to a Moodle HTML Block

Adding the Twitter Widget to a Moodle HTML Block

See the HTML Block guidance page for step-by-step instructions on adding an HTML Block. You don't need a Block Title. Paste the Widget code into the HTML Source window via the < > button in the toolbar. You will need expand the toolbar using the  button first to show this button. 

An example HTML block with 600px high twitter widget is shown here.

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