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How PSU uses alternate email accounts for password resets

Your myPlymouth username and password gives you access to use a broad selection of resources at PSU. In our ongoing efforts to limit the use of sensitive information we have developed a new mechanism to assign initial passwords and reset existing ones. The new process relies on email instead of sensitive information, and will allow you to reset your password at any time, not just during the hours the Help Desk is open. Should you ever need to reset your password, you can click a button on the myPlymouth login screen, enter the off-campus email address that you’d previously registered with us, and the system will send an automated email message to that address with a special one-time link that will allow you to reset your password.

Why use email?

The new process follows the best practices of popular and trustworthy internet services. Email addresses are an aspect of our identity, and most people have an email address before they come to PSU. Further, the process is well understood and accepted by security experts as a safe mechanism to establish identity and reset passwords in electronic networks.

Why do I need to provide an off-campus email address?

If you’ve forgotten your myPlymouth password it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to read your PSU email to get the special password reset message.

Are you eliminating my PSU email?

No. Your email address and myPlymouth will still be the institution’s primary means of electronic communication with you.

What if somebody else knows my off-campus email address and tries to reset my password?

Resetting a password requires two things: knowledge of a registered off-campus email address, and the ability to read the messages sent to that address. It is important that you maintain the security of your off-campus email account just as you would your myPlymouth account.

My family shares a home email address, can I use that?

Anybody who can access the off-campus email address that you register with us will be able to reset your myPlymouth password. It is important that you maintain the security of your off-campus email account just as you would your myPlymouth account; please do not use a shared email address for this.

I don’t have an off-campus email address, what do I do?

Now is the perfect time to get one. Services like Google Mail and Yahoo! Mail are free, and don’t forget that your home Internet Service Provider (ISP) probably offered you an email address as well. If you are not able or willing to do this, the only option to reset your password is to visit the Help Desk at Lamson Library with a picture ID.

I can’t give you a secure off-campus email address.

That’s okay. You’ll still be able to reset your password by coming to the Help Desk and showing a picture ID.

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