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Now that you've created an assignment for your course, it's time to review how to grade your student's work. In addition to providing a numerical grade, Moodle allows the instructor to provide text feedback as well as attaching files back to students. For those interested in looking at more advanced grading methods, please review the Rubrics and Marking Guides help pages.

Grading Student Submissions

  1. On your course page, click on the assignment name that you wish to grade.
  2. In the Grading Summary section, click the button that says View all submissions (this is the user submission area).
  3. You will now see your class roster listed vertically down the first few columns. If quick grading is on (check box at the bottom of the page) then you will see editable fields in the Grade column. You can enter grades for all students and save at the bottom of the page. Continue to step 4. to grade student submissions one at a time. 
    • Tip: If you do not see all of your students on this page, scroll to the bottom and change the Assignments per page option to a much higher value (100 for example). That way your entire class shows up on one page.
  4. If you would like to grade each student's submission one at a time, click the corresponding black Grade button to view a user's submission page. In the File submissions field, selecting the file attachment will open the file on your computer. To toggle the PDF preview off, click the right-most button on the bottom of the page. If a student has submitted a document, you can add annotations directly to their work. 
  5. When you're ready to grade, type out a value for this student in the Grade field.
  6. In the Feedback comments text box, enter in any text feedback you'd like to send to your student (optional).
  7. If you are interested in sending a file back to your student, visit the Feedback files section on this page and add a file from your computer.
  8. When you are finished, scroll to the bottom of the page and select Save changes, or click on Save and show next to see the next student's submission page.

Note: When your students visit their assignment area, he/she will see a grade and any feedback you have entered. The grade and feedback will also appear in their User report area (grades).

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