How to setup Skype for Business on Windows
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Skype for Business (or Microsoft Lync on Apple Mac computers) is an integrated web chat client pre-installed on all PSU-owned computers.

This program allows you to instant message, call, and video chat any PSU campus member. The program is also available for Apple Mac computers under the name "Microsoft Lync."


Installing Skype for Business

1. To setup Skype for Business, locate the application in your Start Menu using the search box. 

Select "Skype for Business 2015." This will prompt a sign-in box.


 2. For your Sign-In Address, use your [Username] and click "Sign In."


 3. After clicking Sign-In, a field for Password will appear. Enter your PSU Password and click Sign-In again.


4. Skype for Business will briefly setup before presenting the main chat interface. 



Using Skype for Business 


To use Skype for Business, simply search for any PSU faculty or staff member's full name in the Find Someone box. 

Once you've located a new contact, right-click and select Add to Favorites to stick them to the main screen. Alternatively, you can also Add to Contact List to place the contact in a folder. 


To create a new Group, navigate to the main chat interface and right-click on Favorites. In the drop-down menu, select Create New Group.

Groups act as folders for new contacts.


To communicate with your contacts, left-click on their picture to open the communications menu. Here, you can select instant message, voice call, or video call respectively. Additionally, you can open their Contact Card and Contact Options in this menu.



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