How to Setup Microsoft Lync for Apple iPhones
Posted by William Philbrook, Last modified by Peter Simari on 05 April 2018 10:17 AM

Microsoft Lync is an integrated web chat client which allows you to instant message any PSU campus member, as well as call and video chat them.


Installing Microsoft Lync

1. To install Microsoft Lync, open the App Store and search for "Lync 2013 for iPhone"


2. Open Lync 2013 and click "Get."


3. Once installed, Lync will request that you allow the app to send you notifications. Click Next to get started.

4. Enter your followed by your password in the login prompt.

5. Lync will then request you enter your telephone number along with the country code.

6.  The last part of setup asks whether you would like to improve Lync with anonymous data. This is entirely optional and will not change the function of the app.


7. Microsoft Lync is now ready to go. Lync will automatically pull in any Groups you've previously setup. Clicking on a group will expand the menu and reveal anybody you've placed within that group. On the bottom of the page, you'll find tabs for your Contacts and Active Conversations.


8. Selecting the Chats button will reveal all of your current Active Conversations. Select a conversation to continue it.


9. To chat with a colleague, tap their name to reveal the below Contact Menu. Within this menu, you can select the Chat, Voice, or Video Call options from their respective icons.


10. Once a Chat window is open, it functions similarly to any SMS (texting) client. If you previously chose to allow Lync to send you notifications, you will receive a notice any time a colleague messages you.


11. To add a new contact to your Microsoft Lync account, simply enter their name in the top Search box and click "Search." Lync will automatically look through the Plymouth State directory for their contact information. 


12. To add a contact, select the three horizontal dots in the top right of their Contact page and select Add to Group. You can then add them to any of your previously established groups.



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