1. How to Send Proof to your Professor after your Survey is Completed
Posted by Melinda Barnsley, Last modified by Zachary Bassett on 05 April 2018 11:27 AM

If you are just finishing the evaluation survey, follow the next two step before continuing onto step 3.

1. After you complete the survey and click the "Submit" button

2. Click the option "Return to Completed Surveys List"

If you are just logging into CoursEval, then follow the next two step before continuing onto step 3

1. Once you log into CoursEval you will be back on the home page of CoursEval 

2. Click on the "Completed Surveys" sub-title found under the "Surveys" title up in the upper right corner.

3. Find the course you need to send proof to your professor then click "send proof" found under the "Date/Time Completed" column

4. You will receive a message stating a message was sent.

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