Yammer at Plymouth State University
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The Yammer is an internal social networking interface that is very similar to Facebook.   At this time, access restricted to those in the Plymouth State University community - this includes active students, staff and faculty.  Yammer brings teams together whether they are located in the same building or across the campus and allows for cross functional, cross departmental collaboration.  

The goal of Yammer is to provide a collaborative environment for you to connect with people from across the University community and share meaningful information. Some of the uses of Yammer include collaborating on team or cluster projects, getting updates on what others are working on, asking questions, sharing ideas, receiving feedback, creating and editing content, and planning events. These uses are made possible by a number of the key features of the Yammer platform.


First Steps

Watch the Yammer Introductory Video by Microsoft on YouTube

Create your Yammer Account & Log In


Additional Documentation

Account Settings & Preferences

Yammer Groups

Messages & Feeds



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