Installing the Google Drive Client
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You can start using Google Drive by going to the Services page in your myPlymouth account and clicking on the "Google Drive" link or go to

Also, you can choose to install the Google Drive desktop client on your computer. The Google Drive client syncs files between and a folder on your computer. Put a file into this folder on your computer, and the Google Drive client places a copy of the file into your storage space at

Download and install the Google Drive Client

Note for employees: Google Apps may be used only for materials and information not covered by HIPAA, FERPA, or other similar regulations. 

You can download the client from Google by clicking this link. On this page, select the blue download button. (Google detects your computer type; there's a Windows PC version too):


A window will appear asking you to read the Google Terms of Service and to select Accept and Install (PC) or Agree and download (Mac).


Once you have accepted the terms of service, Google will redirect you to a thank you page and your download will start. If you are on an Apple Mac, the file will be a .dmg installer. If you are downloading the application on a Windows PC, the installer will be a .exe file. 


Once the installer has finished downloading, you can click the installer to open it. On an Apple Mac the installer will prompt you to click and drag the application into the Applications folder. On a Windows PC it will install itself without you needing to drag anything into any folder. 

Here is an example of what it would look like on an Apple Mac:

Once you have placed the Google Drive application into the Applications folder you will be able to open it and see all your files. You will be able to access this by opening a new Finder window and clicking the Google Drive folder from the side bar or by navigating into your Applications folder. 


Sign into the Google Drive Client

When you download and install the Google Drive Application it will automatically log you into your gmail account if you were logged in online. To sign into your Plymouth Google Drive you will have to sign out of your Google account and sign in with your Plymouth account. On Mac you can sign out of your Google account by clicking on the drive icon in the top right corner of your screen. Click Preferences to start the sign out process.



Once you have clicked Preferences a new window will pop up with settings you can change. Click the middle tab labeled "Account" ant then click the button that says "Disconnect Account." Once you have disconnected your Google account this window will close. 


To sign into your Plymouth account you need to click the drive icon in the top bar once again. Click "Sign in" and a new window will open prompting you to enter an email.



You should enter your myPlymouth email and click "Next." (ex.


You will be brought to the myPlymouth sign-in page after clicking "Next". You may notice that a large web address is above the username and password boxes. This address is the Google Drive address. Enter your myPlymouth username and password and then click the "Log In" button.

The first Google Drive "Getting Started" window will open. Read the content of this window and then click on the "Next" button. Then in the second window, click on the "Start sync" button. If you have already been using Google Docs, files from Google Docs will sync with the new Google Drive folder on your computer, and a window for this Google Drive folder will open.

For more information about Google Drive's capabilities and features and for detailed help using Google Drive, go to's Google Drive Support Web site.

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