4. How a P&T Evaluator Submits Candidate Review by Evaluators
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Upload your Review file first by follow these instructions (this should be completed before submitting review)

  1. You would go into a candidate's group by logging into Mahara
  2. On right side of the dashboard screen, click P&T Group for <candidate's name> under the "My Groups" title
  3. You should be in the candidate's group page.  Click on Files tab in upper right of screen
  4. Upload files by checking the box next to the"Yes:" under the title Upload file 
  5. Click the Choose Files button. (OR DRAG AND DROP FROM YOUR DESKTOP)
  6. Find the file(s) you want on your computer, highlight the file(s) by clicking on each one, and click Open button
  7. Click on the About tab
  8. You are now back in the candidates group so continue onto submit review of candidate below


How a P&T Evaluator Submits Review of Candidate

  1. If not already logged into Mahara; login to Mahara
  2. On right side of the dashboard screen, click P&T Group for <candidate's name>
  3. Under the Group pages, click on Candidate Review by Evaluators 
  4. Once in that page, click EDIT in upper right side of screen
  5. Go to the section where <your title> is (whether committee, chair, dean or provost) and click Cog icon (for edit)
  6. Select the review file you uploaded and save 



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