2. Set up Student's Ability to Send Proof They Completed Their Evaluation Form
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Here is how you set up a course so your students have the ability to send proof to you that they completed their evaluation form:

  • Log into CoursEval - you are now on the home page of your CoursEval.
  • Click the 'Surveys' in the upper left side of the screen to view the drop-down menu. Select “My Course Surveys”. You will not have this available until the survey has been activated for your program (Graduate or Undergrad).

  • Click on the 'Gift' icon next to the course name in which you want to receive proof.

  • Fill in the 'Pre-survey message'.
  • This step is optional: Fill in any message block for an individual student you would like to send a personal message to after the survey is submitted.
  • Click 'Save' when done.


This is what your students will see when they place their cursor over the envelope icon on the right side of the screen if you set up an incentive:




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