2. Overview of Mahara
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What is Mahara?  Mahara is a fully featured web application to build your digital portfolio. You can create journals, upload files, embed social media resources from the web and collaborate with other users in groups.

How do I use it?  Below is an overview of Mahara.  For more information on specific functionality, refer to the table of contents on the left column in Moodle.  Click on a specific functionality and get more information


Take a minute to get familiar with the general layout of the site as well as the Navigation Bar tabs and Subcategories by watching the brief video above.


Here are brief descriptions of the four Navigation Bar tabs.

  1. DASHBOARD page is the place you land whenever you sign into Mahara.  It is customizable, just like a Page you create.  You are the only person who sees your Dashboard page. The default Dashboard page contains five blocks on the left side of the screen.  See the list below:
    1. Find the latest version of improvements.  
    2. The portfolio knowledgebase is the repository for help articles by topic.
    3. The portfolio Moodle course is what you are looking at right now.  A book version with a table of content to help you with specific topics within Mahara.
    4. If you cannot find help in the above resources, the portfolio help desk takes you to the ITS website that contains the help desk telephone number, email, and the ability to Chat online with someone at the help desk.
    5. The portfolio templates is where Mahara templates for programs such as Art, Education, Health and Human Service can be accessed.  If your instructor tells you to get a template for Mahara, it is most likely in this area or directions are available on how to perform the copy of the template.
  2. CONTENT section is where you upload all of your files or artifacts to place in your Portfolio Pages. There are five sub-tabs under the Content section where you can enter your information directly into Mahara.  Those sub-tabs are Profile, Profile Pictures, Journals, Resume, and Plans.  The sub-tab Notes is used as a storage area when you create a Note Block on a portfolio page.  The Files sub-tab is a place to upload any files (images, PDFs, Word, etc) you want to use on a portfolio page with the exception of Google documents, videos and movies.  There are special blocks on the portfolio page for loading the exception files because they can be such large files it would take up all your allotted space.
  3. PORTFOLIO section is where you design and manage your Portfolio Pages or Collections.  You can also find Pages and Collections shared with you or by you.
  4. GROUPS section is where you can connect with friends and Groups created by you or other Mahara users within the PSU Community (students, faculty, administration, and alumni).  


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