Creating a Contact List
Posted by Cassandra LaVoie, Last modified by Zachary Bassett on 05 April 2018 11:22 AM

This article contains instructions for creating a contact list within Office 365. 


1) Sign into Office 365 

2) Click on the tile block in the upper left corner 

3) Click on the "People" tile  

4) Click the dropdown arrow that is located to the right of "New" and select "Contact list"


5) Enter a "List name 


6) Then add "Members" to the list. If the member you are looking for does not auto-populate, select "Search Directory 


7) Add any relevant notes

8) Click "Save" in the upper left-hand corner  
9) Return to Mail - click on the tile block in the upper left corner > click on the "Mail" tile 


10) Compose a new email message 


11)In the To: field type the name of the contact list that you had previously created then click on "Search Directory 

12) Finish composing the email and then hit "Send

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