Add a File or Folder Block
Posted by Melinda Barnsley, Last modified by Melinda Barnsley on 09 October 2018 02:07 PM
  1. Once logged into Mahara, here is how:

    1. Login to myPlymouth

    2. Select the myCourses tab and the myCourses window appears.

    3. In the right column of the window, in the myLearning section, click on Mahara (ePortfolio) You will now be looking at your Mahara portfolio's homepage.

  2. Click on Main Menu in the upper right side of the dashboard page.

  3. Click on the down arrow next to Portfolio title.

  4. Click on the Pages and Collections sub-title.

  5. Click the page/collection name and then click the Edit button in upper right side of the screen.

  6. In the list of blocks on left side of the screen, click on Media - media selection should expand to six block options.

  7. Click on and drag “File(s) to download” or “Folder” to the location (where dotted lines appear) of your choice on your portfolio page.  The configure screen will open.

  8. Change the "Block title" or for "no title" delete the existing title text.

  9. Click the "Select" button next to the file(s) or folder you want to list in the block.  NOTE: For Files: click in the order that you want listed from top to bottom. You can also upload a file(s) from your computer and they will already be selected once uploaded.

  10. Click "Save" to save your changes.

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