802.1x Setup for Windows 10
Posted by Steven Courcy, Last modified by Tyler Ruggles on 05 April 2018 11:16 AM

Windows 10


1. Click down on the search bar at the bottom left of the screen and type in "Services". Select the Services application that pops up. 

2. Scroll down the list and find Wired AutoConfig. Double click Wired AutoConfig.

3. Make sure, in the box that pops up, that Startup Type is set to Automatic. If service status is not Running push Start option. Click Apply if you made any changes and then click OK. 

4. Close out of Services application.

5. At the bottom right corner of the screen click the Internet connection icon.

6. In the box that pops up on the right, click Network & Internet Settings.

7. In the Settings screen click on Change Adapter Options

8. In the window that pops up right-click on "Ethernet" or "Local Area Connection" (it may say one or the other) and then click Properties

9. At the top of the Ethernet  Properties box click on the Authentication tab.
10. Make sure that "Enable IEEE 802.1x authentication" has a check mark next to it. 

11. Click Additional Settings

12. In the Additional Settings screen make sure that "Specify Authentication Mode" is checked. From the drop down right below that select "User or computer authentication". Then click Save credentials. Type in your myPlymouth username and password and then click save. Click Ok on each of the windows that you opened until they are all closed out.


13. You may need to unplug and replug your ethernet cable and possibly restart your computer in order for the network to connect. 


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