ITS Client Services credit card use procedures
Posted by Jo-Ann Guilmett on 28 September 2016 02:15 PM

Updated September 28, 2016

Credit cards accepted:

  • Master Card
  • Visa Discover
  • Diners Club
  • JCB

Methods of credit card number entry

  1. Tap the Grad button.
  2. Swipe card in credit card machine (most common method)
  3. Manually enter information into credit card number if card magnetic strip is bad ( card is on-site with card owner or card representative)
  4. Manually enter information into credit card machine if client calls with credit card information
  5. Manually enter credit card number if someone other than client calls with information (family member, guardian, friend)
    1. If credit card information is provided over the telephone make every attempt to enter information into credit card machine directly.
      1. Have client print name AND sign the receipt
    2. If credit card information must be written down as a temporary solution instead of entering information directly into credit card machine, immediately destroy the information using paper shredder once credit card machine is utilized

Who can process credit cards

  • Client Services benefited staff members or select Client Services Jr. Shift Supervisors who have been trained on the PSU ITS PCI DSS Compliance Policies.

Handling of credit card receipt

  • Signed credit card receipt is stapled to the yellow Print Depot order form and stored in the locked Pay-to-print drawer until transferred to ITS Business Group staff person or other designated individual
  • Unsigned copy of credit card receipt is stapled to client’s copy of work order and handed to client

When is credit card machine settled?

  • Machine must be settled each and every day prior to opening the building, regardless of the number of transactions processed. Settled transaction total must equal the number of transaction slips (attached to yellow Print deport jobs forms) found in the pay-2-print drawer.
  • Once the previous day’s transactions are settled, then the settlement slip and the corresponding transactions slips are filed away in the locked drawer in the Help Desk Supervisor’s office.

Storage of credit card machine

  • The credit card machine is kept locked in the Pay-2-print drawer at all times and visually inspected each morning for tampering and/or substitution.

Note: Please see PSU Payment Processing Policy for a quick “Payment Processing Dos and Don’ts” list:

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