CTS - Setting up a Web Conference at PSU - Best Practices
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If you need to initiate a web conference at Plymouth State University, we would like to offer you the following suggestions to help make your call successful.

What do I do first?
  1. Zoom the the default web conferencing suite we use at PSU. Every active student and employee already has an account. Here is the link: https://plymouthstate.zoom.us/
  2. After you log into your account, you will need to make a reservation and invite others to your call. As the host, you are responsible for doing this step.
  3. For your computer, make sure you test your Zoom account BEFORE the day of the call. You may contact a member of the ITS Help Desk to initiate a test call. Check your microphone and camera. If you have technical issues, there are good tutorials on the Zoom help page.
  4. For PSU customers, there are web conferencing ready conference rooms on campus. Please contact Mary Hill or Todd Kent for a list. If a room is not available, Classroom Technology Services may be able to bring a web conferencing kit to a regular conference room (subject to availability). Contact CTS for further information.
On the day of your call…
  1. Pick a location that is relatively free from noise and other distractions.
  2. Make sure the wired or wireless Internet you will be using is reliable. Coffee shops and other public “Hot Spots” are not always the best places to do a SKYPE call. The bandwidth they give you may not be adequate for maintaining a good quality call.
  3. Make sure you are on-line and signed into you Zoom account at least 10 minutes before your call. This will help keep the other party on schedule.
  4. Dress the part! Don’t forget, we can see you!
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