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Laminating Posters

1. Before turning on the power to the laminator make sure the fans and rotation are off.

2. Power on the machine and turn the temperature control to 250°. a. The temperature range for the material is 230°-260° and under no circumstances should you ever go 300° and above.

3. Once the temperature is around 250° line up the poster as straight as possible on the black platform.

4. Turn the rotation to forward(for) and begin feeding the poster through the red rollers until the machine grips the poster.

5. Then flip the lever until poster comes through the other side of the laminator and has 3-5 inches of extra plastic after the end of the poster.

6. Flip the lever back and turn the rotation back to off and turn off the machine.

7. Cut the lamination around the poster so that there is about half an inch of plastic around the poster.

Only Lamination Requests

For Print Depot requests that are only lamination. Please fill out the Print Depot online form and have the submittor select "Large Format Printing" in the notes write "Only Lamination." Collect their item and write up a Print Depot receipt. 

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