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The following cluster software packages are installed in the computer labs listed.

Software NamePublisherDeployed to
123D Catch  Autodesk All Labs
123D Make Autodesk All Labs
7-Zip Igor Pavlov All Labs
Acrobat DC Adobe All Labs
After Effects CC 2017 Adobe All Labs
Alice v3.3 Carnegie Mellon University Memorial Labs
Android Studio Google Memorial Labs
Animate CC 2017 Adobe All Labs
App Inventor 2 MIT Memorial Labs
ArcInfo* 10.4 ESRI All Labs
Arcpad ESRI All Labs
Arduino Arduino Memorial Labs
Artemis Bridge Simulator Thom Robertson Memorial Labs
Atom GitHub Inc. Memorial Labs
Audacity GNU All Labs
Awips II client   Meteorology Labs
BlueJ BlueJ Team Memorial Labs
Bridge CC 2017 Adobe All Labs
Bufkit   Meteorology Labs
Carestream Molecular Imaging Carestream All Labs
ChemSketch ACD/Labs All Labs
Chrome Google All Labs
Cisco Packet Tracer 5.3.3 Cisco Memorial Labs
Cisco TFTP Server Cisco Memorial Labs
CLC Workbench CLC Bio All Labs
Crimestat National Institute of Justice All Labs
DNRGPS Minnesota DNR All Labs
Dreamweaver CC 2017 Adobe All Labs
DrJava Rice University Memorial Labs
EASy68k GNU Memorial Labs
Eclipse Eclipse Foundation Memorial Labs
Exercise Pro BioEX Systems D&M 412
Firefox Mozilla All Labs
Fireworks CS6 Adobe All Labs
Flash Builder Premium Adobe All Labs
Flash Player Adobe All Labs
Forensics Toolkit Demo Access Data Memorial Labs
Fusion US Forest Service All Labs
Fxlab   Meteorology Labs
Fx-net   Meteorology Labs
GameMaker7 Lite YoYoGames All Labs
Geogebra Markus Hohenwarte All Labs
GeoMapApp Columbia University All Labs
Gimp Gimp Development team All Labs
GIS Cartograms ESRI All Labs
Git GUI and Git Bash GitHub Inc. Memorial Labs
Google Earth Google All Labs
Google Sketchup Google All Labs
Gpg4win The Gpg4win Initiative Memorial Labs
GR2analyst   Meteorology Labs
Graphical Analysis Vernier Software All Labs
GvRng Jeffrey Elkner Memorial Labs
Halosim   Meteorology Labs
Hazard City   All Labs
Hoboware   Meteorology Labs
HP-12C Financial Calculator   All Labs
IDV   Meteorology Labs
Illustrator CC 2017 Adobe All Labs
ImageJ National Institutes of Health All Labs
InCopy CC 2017 Adobe All Labs
InDesign CC 2017 Adobe All Labs
Irfanview Vienna University of Technology All Labs
Iris   Meteorology Labs
Iris   Meteorology Labs
Java JDK Oracle Corporation Memorial Labs
Java JRE Sun Microsystems All Labs
Jcreator Xinox All Labs
JES 4.3 Georgia Tech Memorial Labs
JFLAP Memorial Labs
Jing Techsmith All Labs
Kleopatra Gpg4win Memorial Labs
Labscribe lWorx All Labs
Language, Proof and Logic OpenProof Courseware All Labs
Leica Application Suite EZ Leica Microsystems All Labs
Lightroom CC 2015 Adobe All Labs
Logger Pro Vernier All Labs
Logicworks 5 Capilano Computing Memorial Labs
Logisim Carl Burch Memorial Labs
Maple Player Maplesoft All Labs
Marvin Sketch ChemAxon All Labs
Matlab R2016b Mathworks Inc All Labs
Maxima Macsyma group All Labs
Mcidas-v   Meteorology Labs
MEGA 7   All Labs
Mercury The Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre (CCDC) All Labs
Meshmixer Autodesk All Labs
Microdem US Naval Academy All Labs
Microsoft Lifecam Microsoft Memorial Labs
Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Microsoft Memorial Labs
Miktex Christian Schenk All Labs
Milestones Simplicity 2008 KIDASA Software Memorial Labs
Minitab Minitab All Labs
Mixpad NCH Software Memorial Labs
Mnova NMR 8.1.4 Mestrelab All Labs
Multispec Purdue Research Foundation All Labs
Netbeans Oracle Corporation Memorial Labs
NOAA Weather & Climate Toolkit   Meteorology Labs
Notepad++ Don Ho Memorial Labs
Office 2016 (Word, Access, Excel, OneNote, Publisher, PowerPoint)  Microsoft All Labs
PC200W Campbell Scientific All Labs
Pencil Evolus Memorial Labs
Photoshop CC 2017 Adobe All Labs
Premiere Pro CC 2017 Adobe Meteorology Labs
Project 2016 Microsoft Memorial Labs
PSPad PSPad All Labs
putty  Simon Tatham Memorial Labs
Python with IDLE Python Software Foundation Memorial Labs
QGIS   All Labs
R R Core Team All Labs
Read & Write Gold Texthelp All Labs
ReMake 2017 Autodesk Lamson 031
RspecExplorer FieldTestedSystems All Labs
RStudio RStudio, Inc. All Labs
SalsaJ EU-HOU project All Labs
Simbio / Simutext All Labs
Silverlight Plugin Microsoft All Labs
Skype Microsoft All Labs
Smart Notebook 10.8 SMART Technologies All Labs
Snort Cisco Memorial Labs
SpaceChem Zachtronics Industries Memorial Labs
Spartan Molecular Modeling Wavefunction All Labs
SPDBV Nicolas Guex All Labs
SPSS 24 IBM All Labs
SSH, SFTP SSH Secure Communications Corp All Labs
Stats Plus - Berk & Carey Thompson Learning All Labs
Stellarium   All Labs
Switch Sound File Converter NCH Software Memorial Labs
Tera Term Tera Term Project Memorial Labs
TinkerPlots Key Curriculum Press All Labs
Virtual TI Calculator Rusty Wagner All Labs
Visio 2016 Microsoft Memorial Labs
VLC Media Player VideoLAN All Labs
Vmware Remote Console Vmware Memorial Labs
Vmware vSphere Client Vmware Memorial Labs
WavePad Sound Editor NCH Software Memorial Labs
Windows Live Movie Maker Microsoft All Labs
Wireshark 1.12 The Wireshark team Memorial Labs
Wolfram CDF Player Wolfram Research All Labs
WSPingPro IPSwitch Memorial Labs
Xming   All Labs
yEd Graph Editor yWorks GmbH Memorial Labs

*ArcInfo Includes - 3D Analyst, ArcView, Spatial Analyst, Network Analyst, Publisher, ArcScan, Geostatistics, Survey Analyst, ArcGlobe, ArcMap, ArcScene, ArcReader, ArcCatalog

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