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Equipment Depot - Frequently Asked Questions


Why did we leave the Classroom Technology Services (CTS) toolkit and switch to WebCheckout?

The CTS Toolkit was created by a former computer science student at PSU in 2010. It was a successful senior project and has served us for seven years. However, it was limited to the equipment and the services that CTS provided at the time. Now PSU has many more items to loan, more CTS services, and more equipment installed in classrooms. People found it increasingly difficult to borrow the equipment they wanted. CTS needed a system that could schedule equipment and locations, and a system that could keep track of over a thousand items in classrooms.

WebCheckout is the new system that allows people to view and reserve all of the available items in the ITS Equipment Depot. WebCheckout schedules the time and resources that CTS uses to support PSU events.

How will I now make a reservation for equipment loans and event support?

Click on the “Equipment Loans and Event Support” link in myPlymouth, one the left-side menu of the Welcome page. This goes to the WebCheckout patron portal. To start a loan, click on the three horizontal bars on the upper left corner of the page. You may have to enter your PSU primary username and your myPlymouth password to access the page.

Can I just walk up to the Information Desk in Lamson Library and ask for equipment?

Yes, but what you want to borrow may already be loaned out or be reserved for somebody else.

Who is allowed to checkout equipment?

Active students, faculty, and staff.

If the equipment gets lost or damaged while it is checked out to me, what happens?

You are financially responsible for the equipment you borrow. You will have to pay for the repair or replacement of the lost or damaged item.

What kinds of equipment are available?

Digital still cameras, camcorders, tripods, video projectors, lighting kits, computers repair tools, and much more.

How long can I have the equipment for?

The default loan period is for three days. If no one has reserved the equipment after your loan period is up, you may

renew the loan once for three more days.

If I need to have equipment for a longer loan period, can you make an exception for me?

No, but if no one has reserved the equipment after your loan period is up, you may renew the loan once for three more days.

Can I borrow more than one of the same item? Can I, say, borrow ten laptops at one time?

No. The purpose of having a loan rule –think of a library book loan- is to make a limited resource available to the greatest number of people.

Some items, such as DSLR cameras, have a loan rule of one per person for up to 72 hours per week.


When is the Equipment Depot open?

Summer 2017: Monday - Friday 8am to 5pm. Saturday 1pm to 5pm. Sunday 8am to 5pm.


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