Policy for Changing Email Alias
Posted by David Strong, Last modified by Patrick Bell on 05 April 2018 11:35 AM
Email aliases are created by the account creation process.

Typically we do not encourage alias changes and should explain that a user can either give out their email alias or give out their

Neither Systems nor A&D has any control over what alias is created. Aliases *cannot* be changed to an arbitrary alias or remove trailing numbers.

The only way that aliases can be changed is to follow this format: (ex.

This should only be offered to a user if they have a particularly compelling reason that the alias they were provided when their account was created is not suitable. For most people the alias they are given at the start should suffice as a friendly version of their email address. Typically if the alias is changed to this format, it will become the default address for Active Directory and Office 365.

The only other time an alias will be changed is when a user's myPlymouth username changes as a result of a legal name change. This alias will be automatically changed during the process of creating a new username and, again, the alias that is created cannot be directed by Systems or A & D.

It is important to note: The old email alias that the user originally had created for them will remain, even when a new one is created,  and emails sent to that old alias will still be delivered to the user's inbox.
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