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SmartAuth - USNH Multi-Factor Authentication Service

Adding an extra layer to protect your sensitive information

SmartAuth is a multi-factor authentication service provided to University System of New Hampshire (USNH) - Granite State College, Keene State College, Plymouth State University, University of New Hampshire, System Office - staff, faculty and students. It helps protect your account even if your password is stolen.

SmartAuth provides an additional layer of protection to your digital identity as well as adding protection to USNH data, systems and services. The first layer (something you know) is the verification of your username and password. When Accessing a service protected by SmartAuth, the second layer is a passcode delivered to a phone or mobile device (something you have).

Password  +  Verification  = Access

Why do we need SmartAuth?

Phishing and identity theft crimes have increased in the higher education sector over the last few years and protecting your person information and the university system's private data is USNH's highest priority. SmartAuth protects your data even if your password is compromised.

Where can I use SmartAuth?

As of April 10, 2018, SmartAuth is available when accessing the Web Information System for Employees (WISE)and is optional. On July 9, 2018, SmartAuth will be required when accessing WISE and will also be rolled out to other services containing sensitive information.

How do I use SmartAuth?

In order to use the SmartAuth service, you must register at least one phone number to receive passcodes and enable the service for your account. It is strongly recommended that you register more than one phone number so you have a back-up if your phone is lost, stolen, broken or otherwise unavailable. 

To register and enable SmartAuth for your account click here.
To manage your SmartAuth profile for your account click here.

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