CTS - SKYPE Calling with the Skype Kit
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Running a Skype* call with the CTS Skype Kit

Updated: 7/7/14

1)    You will need the Skype Kit from Classroom Technology Services. It can be reserved by following this link: https://www.plymouth.edu/webapp/cts/user/  

2)    Assemble the camera & extension pole together and plug the pole into the base. It only fits in one way, so if it does not fit, try turning it around.

3)    Plug the power cable into the jack on the back of the base. Then plug the power adapter into a wall outlet. 

4)    Plug in the USB camera cable into the front of the desktop/laptop computer. If the computer asks you to install drivers, let it do so by clicking on “yes”.

5)    If needed, connect the camera base to a tripod. There is a screw-on base under the camera base that fits a tripod.

6)    Start Skype. Log into Skype with your Skype user ID and password.

7)    Within Skype, go to: Tools>Options Click on: Video Settings. (Mac users: Skype>Preferences>Audio/Video). On the pull-down list, make sure the video camera is selected and you can see its image. If you need to adjust the image, there are controls on the base for pan, tilt and zoom. 

8)  Next, click on Audio Settings. Talk normally and you should see the indicators move. If you need more volume, you can raise the volume with the slider on this window. 

9)  Close the tools window.

10)  Make a Skype call as you normally would.

11)  When finished with the Skype call, pack up the Skype Kit and return it to the Info Desk in Lamson Library.

12)  Skype has helpful tutorials for Windows and for Mac

*Note: This kit can be used with other web-based video applications like: GoToMeeting, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, Vimeo, etc. Each application has different operational proceedures, but the equipment assembly is the same. 

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