About your PSU User Account
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An official PSU User Account is created for all users who have an official status with the University.  In addition to full-time faculty and staff, this includes actively enrolled students; adjunct faculty and teaching lecturers contracted to teach in the current term; and an adjunct staff member hired via the HR Office.  

PSU User Account is required to access on-campus computers, our Wi-Fi network, as well as the electronic gateway known as myPlymouth. Through this portal, you have access to campus information, student and employee information, PSU email, Lamson Library holdings, and online coursework (Moodle).

  • For PSU students, an official PSU User Account will be provisioned within 24 hours of the receipt of your deposit.  
  • For PSU employees, as official PSU User Account will be provisioned within 24 hours after your hiring information and required documents have been processed by the HR department.  

Once your Official user Account is created, you will receive an email at the personal email address you provided as part of your application.  An example of that email is provided below.  You will need to follow the instructions in the email and click on the link indicated by the arrow in order to confirm the receipt of your PSU User Account and to set up a password:




After clicking on the link in the email above you will be directed to the myPlymouth Login page where you will click on the "What's my Password?" link as indicated below:



In the next window you will be asked to fill-in the Personal email address you provided in your application.  Enter that information on the blank field provided and click the "Get New Password" button.



You will be presented with a window that instructs you to check your Personal Email for an message which contains a password reset link.  An example of that message is below.  Click on the link indicated by the arrow.



A new window will open (see below) which will provide instructions for creating a secure password.  See our guidelines for Creating a Secure Passwords for more information.

In addition, you will be asked to read and check off a box which indicates that you have read and agree to abide by the PSU Acceptable Use of Computing Resources Policy.  The Policy is also provided on the bottom of the window for your review.



Once your password is set, you will be re-directed to the PSU myPlymouth logon page where you can login with your PSU Username and Password.

We highly recommend that you check your PSU email account frequently. This is the address the University will use to communicate with you regarding your classes, financial aid, academic advising, etc. This address is also used for membership and participation in official mailing lists at PSU. Participation in those lists and any automated membership is dependent on your role at Plymouth State University.

IMPORTANT:  Your PSU Username and Password should NEVER be shared with anyone.  No one at Plymouth State University will ever ask you to share these credentials in response to an email.  If you have questions about password security or about the legitimacy of an email, please contact the ITS helpdesk at (603) 535-2929.


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