Adding an Image with the Moodle Text Editor
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  1. When adding a label, forum post, or assignment description, you have the option to enhance your content with images.
  2. Once you have a text editor window open, click the the Insert/edit image icon button in the formatting toolbar (looks like a mountain within a picture frame):

      Forumphoto icon

      3. The Insert/edit image pop up window will appear. Select the Find or upload an image... button.
       Upload image

     5. Moodle's File Picker window will appear. Click on the Upload a file link on the left side. Then click on the Browse... (or Choose File) button to locate the file on your computer. Once found, select the file and choose Open.

     6. Back in the File Picker dialog box, select the Upload this file button at the bottom of the window.

     Moodle file picker

     7. The image file will then be displayed in the Preview section. Type out a quick description of the image in the Image description field.  
     8. If the image looks too large, click the Appearance tab, then edit the dimensions of your image (you only need to change the first value, 400-500 is a good place to start)

     Update forum image size

     9. Once completed, select the Insert button at the bottom to place the image in your Message text box.
     10. Click Post to forum and check your post. Click Edit if you need to make any changes.

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