Adding Kaltura Media Quiz to Moodle
Posted by Jason Neenos, Last modified by Jason Neenos on 24 March 2020 11:37 AM

To create an assignment using Kaltura's interactive video quiz that integrates with the Moodle Gradebook, your first step is to create a quiz using the Kaltura in-video quizzing tool. Consult the Creating a Video Quiz in Kaltura Media Space for more information on creating a quiz.  Once you've created the quiz, go to the course's main area and "Turn Editing On".

Select "Add an activity or resource" in the relevant section,

Then choose the "External tool" option.

Give the activity an name. Then in the Preconfigured tool, select "Kaltura video quiz"

Then click on the "Select content." Select your quiz from "My Media". Back at the main page, fill out the "Grade configuration." Note, the scale option is not supported. Now, click "Save and display." Now, when students answer and submit their quiz, the grade is automatically sent to the Moodle Gradebook for the relevant assignment and student.

To See Results for Individual Student Responses

Go to myLearning in myCourses and click on Kaltura

Click on the title of the Kaltura Video Quiz

Click on Actions then Analytics

Click on Quiz Users

Click on the users name to see their responses