Banner Admin (9) Landing Page Features
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Below are written instructions to use for the Landing Page:

You can find the Banner Admin (9) from the Service tab in myPlymouth under the Banner Courtyard channel.
Log into Banner Admin (9) using your myPlymouth username and password. This will bring you to the Landing page.

Note: What is called a form in Banner INB (8) is now referred to as a page in Banner Admin (9).

We review two areas on the Landing Page. The first is Main Menu Panel and the second is the Keyboard Shortcuts.

Main Menu Panel

  • First icon is three horizontal lines representing the Menu icon. When you click on the menu icon, it expands the Main Menu Panel with names for each icon. Most icons act like toggle switches so when you click on the icon it opens and closes the selection. Notice the blue line under the icon. This line is an indicator of where you are within the menu.
  • The next icon  is the Dashboard icon. Click this to return to the landing page from anywhere within the system.
  • The nine dots in a square  represents the Applications icon. When you click the Applications icon: Banner, MyBanner and Banner Self-Service menus will display. We will explain to you how to locate pages using the Applications menu in another document. Click here to view that document. To return to the expanded menu panel, click on the “Back to Main Menu” button.
  • The magnify glass  denotes the Search icon. This is one way to find pages. Once you click on the icon, a search field displays. Please understand that the search performs on the menu data; therefore, if the page is not included on the menu, it is not included in the search results. We will explain to you in another document how to access pages. Click here to view that document. Once again, click the “Back to Main Menu” button to return to the expanded menu panel.
  • The folder image  signifies the Recently Opened icon that lists any recently opened pages. If the icon is grayed out, this shows no pages have been opened yet.
  • The question mark  represent the Help icon. You need to be on a page besides the landing page to access the online help. We will explain to you in another document how to use the Help icon. Click here to view that document.
  • A lock image  indicates the Sign Out icon. Click this icon to exit the Banner system.
  • The last icon in the Main Menu Panel is the Profile icon  that displays the name of the user currently logged into the system.

Keyboard Shortcuts

The Keyboard Shortcuts link  is where you will find a handy list of keyboard shortcuts for the Landing Page. You can open and close it by clicking on the Keyboard Shortcuts icon. These shortcuts can help navigate you through the landing page. Another way to close the keyboard shortcuts window is by clicking the X icon in the upper right side of window. This will return you to landing page.


Always make sure you click the Sign Out icon indicated by the lock  or use the shortcut CTRL SHIFT F to make sure you completely logout of the Banner system.

For a more extended list of the keyboard shortcuts, go to PSU’s support knowledgebase at .

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