Combining Sections with a Meta-link
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In Moodle, instructors have the ability to add in enrollments from any class they teach. For example, let's say I want to combine two of my classes together; Section 01 and Section 02. Rather than work with two separate Moodle classes, I want all student enrollments from both sections combined together into my Section 01 class. By following the steps below, Moodle will automatically add in enrollments from one class to another.


  1. In the Administration block click Users.
  2. Select Enrollment methods.

    Enrollment methods

6. Open the Add method drop down menu and choose the Course meta link option.

     Meta link

7. In the search field enter the CRN for the course you want to add enrollments from (use the full CRN including the year and semester code i.e. 23456.201710). As you type the CRN a list of results will pop up. Select the correct course and click the Add method button.

     Search for meta link

8. You have now successfully added all the enrollments from that section. When the combined course is activated, students from both sections will see this as available. Leave the other sections hidden to avoid confusion.

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