Downloading a Kaltura Video
Posted by , Last modified by Sebastian Frolish on 12 March 2019 11:47 AM

There are times when you may want to download a video from your Kaltura library in order to upload it to another site, share it via email, or store it on your personal computer or hard drive. Through your Kaltura Media Gallery in Moodle, downloading a video is possible in just a few easy steps. 

Downloading a Kaltura Video

  1. In Moodle, click  Kaltura Media Gallery within the Navigation block.
  2. While in the media gallery, click "Edit" next to the video you would like to download. 

Kaltura media editing button

    3. Then, click the "Download Media" button at the top of the video.

Kaltura media download button

    4. The video will download as an .mp4 that can be easily uploaded to YouTube or the video-hosting site of your choice. 

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