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Due to federal (FERPA) laws, students are not allowed to share their myPlymouth account information with anyone, including their family members. We understand that some parents require the ability to access some portions of their student's myPlymouth, so we've created what we call a "Family Access Portal". Through PSU’s myPlymouth for Families you can grant family members access to your Bill Notification, Bill View, Enrollment Verification, Financial Aid, Housing View, Schedule View, and give them ability to Purchase Campus Flexcash. This is able to be done without sharing your personal myPlymouth user name and password and violating FERPA laws. MyPlymouth for Families provides the information your family members need, and all from their very own myPlymouth account.

Note: In order for the Student Account Services (formally Bursars) office to discuss your bill with anyone except you, their name must appear as Active on Family Access, and they must have been given access to Bill View.

Student: Granting Access

1. Log into your myPlymouth.

2. Click on Invite Someone link in the Family Access channel. You can usually find this channel towards the bottom of your 'Welcome' page. If you cannot find this channel, click here for instructions to add stuff to myPlymouth and look for Family Access.  

3. Complete the required information for the person you wish to grant access. Make sure you double check that information is correct.

4. Select from the list of options, checking only the box of the items you want this person to be able to access.

5. Confirm that you’ve read the FERPA statement by checking the box.

6. Click on the Grant Access! button.

7. You and your family member will both receive an e-mail from Plymouth State University confirming the relationship request. 

Family Member: Accepting Invitation

After the student has invited you to join myPlymouth for Families, you can now set up your own myPlymouth account!

1. Log into your email where the invitation was sent.

2. Find an email from Plymouth State University with the subject "[myPlymouth for Families] New Relationship Request". NOTE: If multiple invites were sent, make sure you use the most recent email!


4. Click the Click on this link in the email to create an account. This screen will display.

5. If you have your own myPlymouth account because you are a PSU employee, alumni, or current student, sign into myPlymouth with your PSU credentials. 

6. If you do not have your own myPlymouth account, you can set up an account using your email address, first and last name, and a unique password. This screen will display.

7. Click the login link to open up the PSU myPlymouth login screen. Enter your email address and your recently created password.

8. You now have access to myPlymouth for Families!

Any questions about your login, contact the Help Desk at (603)535-2929 or email at

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