Find Past Evaluation Reports
Posted by Melinda Barnsley, Last modified by Melinda Barnsley on 18 September 2019 01:14 PM

 To find past evaluation reports:

1.   Log into CoursEval

2.   Click on the “Reports” button in the upper left corner or click “Here” in the lower corner this only displays if you do not have current reports.





3.   Select “Evaluation Reports” in the drop-down menu

4.   Be sure all the selection criteria are selected to “show all” (you can change those to represent a smaller time frame if you would like)



5.   Select the evaluation reports to want to view, print or save as PDF by clicking the box to the right of the report name under the "Include" title to the right of the screen. Click the box under the "Include" title to select all reports

6.You can then choose to View, Save as a PDF, or Print on the right side of screen above the column titles



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