How to Export and Import Data
Posted by Melinda Barnsley on 28 August 2019 11:08 AM

To log into Mahara, follow these instructions:

  1. Login to myPlymouth.

  2. Select the myCourses tab and the myCourses window appears.

  3. In the right column of the window, in the myLearning section, click on Mahara (ePortfolio). You will now be looking at your Mahara portfolio's homepage.

  4. Click the Main Menu in upper right corner of the screen.

      5. Click the Manage down arrow to expand portfolio section options.

How to use Export

This exports all of your portfolio information and pages. However, it doesn't export any of your site settings or any of the content you uploaded or created in groups.

  1. Select the "Export" sub-tab.

  2. Choose the export format option you want by clicking the radio button.  There are two options:
    1. Standalone HTML website - This will create a website with your portfolio data that can be read by a standard web browser.  You cannot import this back into Mahara.  
    2. Leap2A - This option allows you to be able to import the data into a Leap2A-compliant system.  The export is difficult to read by humans.
  3. You have three options to choose what data you want to export by clicking the radio button. Here are your options:
    1. All my data
    2. Just some of my pages - a window will pop-up with a list of your pages.  Click the box in front of the page(s) you want exported.
    3. Just some of my collections - a pop-up window will list all of you collections. Click the box in front of the collection(s) you want exported. 
    4. Click the box in front of the "Include user feedback" if you want the user's comments.  This is only for the HTML website format.  It is checked by default if you select the Standalone HTML website format.
  4. Click the "Generate export" button to execute your export selections from above.

How to use Import

This is where you can import your portfolio data from another site provided it is in the Leap2A format. You cannot import site settings or data you uploaded to or created in groups.

  1. Click the "Choose File" button.

  2. Select your file from your computer.

  3. Click the "Import" button.


Portions of this article have been adapted from Mahara documentation.

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