How to Give Edit Access to Someone to Your ePortfolio Page or Collection
Posted by Melinda Barnsley, Last modified by Melinda Barnsley on 28 August 2019 03:52 PM

How to give someone edit access to your ePortfolio page or collection

  1. To log into Mahara, follow these instructions:

    • Login to myPlymouth

    • Select the myCourses tab and the myCourses window appears.

    • In the right column of the window, in the myLearning section, click on Mahara (ePortfolio) You will now be looking at your Mahara portfolio's homepage.

    • Click on Main Menu in the upper right side of the dashboard page indicated by horizontal lines.

    • Click on the down arrow next to Share title.

  2. Select the Shared by Me sub-title.

  3. Select either the collections or pages tab.

  4. A list of your collections or pages will display depending on your selection.

  5. Click the Lock icon next to the file you want someone to have edit access.

    • First, select the Collection or page you want to share edit rights.
    • Under the "SHARED WITH " title, click the you can search for a specific friend, group, or user.  


  • Once you have selected who to share your e-Portfolio with so they have edit rights. You can also set up a specific time frame the how long the user has access to your e-Portfolio.

  • Under the "Advanced options" title, you have four options.  They are:

    • Allow comments - this allows users to leave comments on portfolio

    • Moderate comments - this keeps the comments private until you approve them

    • Allow copying - this allows anyone who can see your portfolio pages/collections to be able to copy them along with any files or folders used in those pages/collections

    • Overriding start/stop dates - You can enter a start and stop date/time so other people will only be able to see you pages/collections during that time frame regardless any other access you have granted

  • Click "Save" when you have completed making changes.
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