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Moodle Roles & How to Give User's Access
Posted by Melinda Barnsley, Last modified by Melinda Barnsley on 23 January 2020 08:17 AM

* Instructors no longer have permission to enroll students manually in Moodle courses with CRNs.  All courses with a CRN, their enrollments are synced with the Banner record. 

To align with the policy of adding users to Moodle courses, the following roles have been created in PSU’s Moodle Instance. 

Teacher - The Teacher has complete access to a course.

"Co-Instructors" - To add another faculty member to a course as an instructor, please make requests directly to the Registrar's Office at Faculty members will be given the role of Teacher and have the ability to edit course materials and access student grades. This should only be used for PSU faculty who need this level of Moodle access for course management. Co-Instructors will be entered into Banner and given immediate instructor status on Moodle.

Student - Students can view resources, interact with activities, and are eligible to be graded. This role is synced to Banner, so students will be automatically added/removed according to their registration status. If a student is missing from your Moodle course, please contact the Help Desk at (603)535-2929 or email

Leader – This role is designated for organizers of a non-Banner/CRN course. A Leader has all the capability of a teacher in a course, with the added ability to enroll and unenroll users from a Moodle site. See below on how to enroll users as Leader in a Moodle site.

Librarian - The Librarian role is a modified teacher role, except there is no access to the grades area.

Internal Observer - This role is designated for employees of the university to be added to courses. This allows for access to course content, including hidden material, but viewers in this role are unable to edit content or see grades (thereby avoiding student privacy concerns). If Internal Observers have the role of the teacher in another course, they can import Moodle course content from the Moodle page being observed to their own Moodle course with Internal Observer access. The Internal Observer role is used for teaching observations or course content sharing. If you want to add an Internal Observer you should send a request to the Help Desk at This will be automatic and does not require approval.

Graduate Assistant (GA) – This role is designed for graduate students who are to assist in the instruction of a course and have the same abilities as a teacher. Send requests to add a GA to a course to Kristen Hersom at

Teaching Assistant (TA) – This role is designed for undergraduate students who are to assist in the instruction of a course. TAs are able to alter course activities but do not have access to grades in a course.  Send requests to add a TA to a course to Kristen Hersom at


Instructions to manually enroll users (Leader role for non-CRN courses only).
  1. From your course's home page go to the Administration block (usually on the left sidebar), select the Users option.
  2. Then, click on Enrolled users.
  3. Choose the Enroll user box on the upper right hand of the screen.
  4. Below, in the Search text box, type in the user's full name or PSU email address (not their email alias). As you type the name, potential users will show up in a list. Click the correct name once you see it. The user will now be added to the list of enrollees (in blue).
  5. Then choose which role you would like to assign the user in the assign roles drop-down box.
  6. When you find the correct user and have selected the correct role, click the Enroll users button.

To edit a role:

  1. From your course's home page go to the Administration block (usually on the left sidebar), select the Users option.
  2. Then, click on Enrolled users.
  3. Next to the role, you would like to edit, click the pencil icon. In the field that appears, click the black arrow to reveal the list of roles.
  4. Select the appropriate role. Optionally, remove existing roles by clicking the "X" next to the role you would like to remove.
  5. Click the Save icon (floppy disk).
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