Process for Gaining Access to INB Banner
Posted by Melinda Barnsley, Last modified by Steven Cramton on 26 March 2019 08:19 AM

Here is the process that needs to be followed for a new user to receive access to INB Banner (Student Banner only not Finance or HR Banner):

  • Supervisor, of the new user that needs access to INB Banner, sends email to to create a ticket. The information that must be include in ticket is the new user's username and a username of someone that has the identical access wanted for the new user 
  • Help Desk staff assigns the ticket to the Applications & Development (A&D) department
  • A&D person creates a new login but locks the login down
  • Ticket is assigned to INB Banner Trainer for navigation and security training
  • INB Banner Trainer sends email to the new user. The email provides a training time, a Moodle course that the new user is required to complete prior to the training, and a user form that needs to be signed by the supervisor and brought to the training
  • Attend the training
  • After training:
    • INB Banner Trainer signs the user form
    • Scans the form into their computer
    • Updates the ticket to assign it back to the A&D person plus attaches scanned signed user form
  • A&D person unlocks user login and closes ticket
  • INB Banner Trainer emails new user that login is available
  • New user is trained how to use INB Banner for their job by an expert in their department.  If the new user will be entering courses, they will be trained how to enter courses by someone in the Registrar's Office 

If there are questions, contact the Help Desk @ 603-535-2929. If the Help Desk has questions, contact INB Banner Trainer.
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