Supported Computer Models for the 2019 - 2020 Academic Year
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The grid below represents a list of computer models that are centrally supported by ITS for use in PSU academic and administrative offices.

Generally each desktop model represents about a year of age and each laptop series represents 18 months of age, the exceptions being the newest in each column (e.g. Lenovo M720q).

When a replacement is purchased, at ITS discretion, we may re-purpose the device elsewhere on campus.

Desktop Models

Desktop Model Status Apple Desktop Model Status
Lenovo M720q Supported
Optiplex 3060/7060/9060 Supported iMac (Intel)** Supported
Optiplex 3050/7050/9050 Supported Mac Mini (Intel)** Supported
Optiplex 3040/7040/9040 Supported
Optiplex 3020/7020/9020 Limited Support†
Optiplex 3010/7010/9010 Unsupported♦    

Laptop Models

Laptop Model Status Apple Laptop Model Status
Lenovo T490s Supported
Lenovo T480s Supported
Latitude E5490/E7490 Supported MacBook Pro (Intel)** Supported
Latitude E5480/E7480 Supported MacBook Air** Supported
Latitude E5470/E7470 Supported
Latitude E6440/E6440u/E6540 Limited Support†/Unsupported♦

Any computer older than 5 years will receive minimal support. If it is running, meets needs, and does not require new parts we will do our best within reason to assist with problems. It is highly recommended that any computer in this category be replaced.

* Check the warranty status. If it is still under warranty, it is supported.

** PSU has a volume license for macOS 10.X; any machine not capable of running this version of the Mac operating system is not supported.

† The machine is not covered by warranty (5+ years of age), suitable for low end tasks, any problems which require more than an hour of attention or should the system experience a hardware failure, will require replacement.

♦ The machine is not covered by warranty (6+ years of age), and not suitable for any role. Replace.


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