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·         Four weeks prior to start of Fall and Spring terms: The CoursEval Administrator will contact department chairs to remind them to contact their faculty members to submit individual faculty proposed questions for Chair review. Chair review of proposed questions includes eliminating question redundancy between faculty and department questions and between questions from multiple faculty.

·         One week prior to first course start date: See example/model list below. A single document will be sent to the CoursEval Administrator from the Chair which will include the department's questions, and faculty members' questions, which have been vetted by the Chair. Ex:

Word Document title: “Math Dept Questions Request 9_13.doc”

Math Department Questions




Math Dept. Faculty Added Questions:




·         One week before the first course evaluation opens: Faculty will be notified and able to add their requested questions to their surveys in CoursEval. Upon uploading the departmental and individual faculty members’ questions to the 'Master CoursEval Question List', the CoursEval Administrator will contact the faculty to let them know they can choose and manually add their three questions (if requested) from the single ‘Faculty Added Question List' to their course(s) survey(s) in CoursEval. Directions are as follows.










1.   Log into CoursEval

2.   Click on the “Reports” button in the upper left corner or click “Here” in the lower corner this only displays if you do not have current reports.





3.   Select “Evaluation Reports” in the drop-down menu

4.   Be sure all the selection criteria are selected to “show all” (you can change those to represent a smaller time frame if you would like)



5.   Select the evaluation reports to want to view, print or save as PDF by clicking the box to the right of the report name under the "Include" title to the right of the screen. Click the box under the "Include" title to select all reports

6.You can then choose to View, Save as a PDF, or Print on the right side of screen above the column titles



1.      Log into CoursEval

2.      Hover your cursor over the “Reports” button in the upper left corner, click “Survey Intelligence Report”  from the drop-down menu

3.      If click “Add New”


    1. Enter in the date range you want for your time frame selection  
    2. Select any other criteria to narrow down your selection. If report is for Promotion and Tenure process, enter in your username in the username field  
    3. Click the “Surveys” button on the bottom of the screen  
    4. Select the surveys you want to retrieve information for your report by clicking each checkbox
    5. Click the "Questions" button on the bottom of the screen
    6. Select the questions you want on your report by clicking each checkbox. If the report is for the Promotion and Tenure process, select four questions from the instructor questions
    7. Click the "Aggregations" button on the bottom of the screen
    8. Drag and drop data items you want to be displayed on your report from the left column to the right column in the order you want them displayed. If the report is for the Promotion and Tenure process, select survey, survey period, course number, course section, and course name.
    9. Select the "Report Options" button on the bottom of the screen
    10. Select what you want showing on your report for titles, report sections, over all-score scale, compare overall scores, statistic, show question response count, group questions by, and show removed questions.
    11. Select the "Run Report" button on the bottom of the screen
    12. Select if you want to view the report, export the report, create a PDF file, or publish the report
    13. Click the "Save Settings" button on the bottom of the screen.
    14. Name the report in the name field.  Give it a category.  
    15. Click the "Save" button
    16. When done, click the "Exit" button

  • Fill in the 'Pre-survey message'.
  • This step is optional: Fill in any message block for an individual student you would like to send a personal message to after the survey is submitted.
  • Click 'Save' when done.


This is what your students will see when they place their cursor over the envelope icon on the right side of the screen if you set up an incentive:




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