IMPORTANT: Be aware of Phishing Scam
Posted by Jo-Ann Guilmett on 30 January 2019 01:23 PM

Several employees have reported receiving an email which appears to be coming from President Birx, with a subject heading of “Plymouth State University Revised Business Development, Implementation, and Review of Guidelines”.   In some cases, there is a Word document or PDF attached.  

This is a Phishing attempt and should be deleted right away.  DO NOT download the attachment, DO NOT enter your username and password in response to the
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Beware of a Social engineering attempt to Targeting PSU Employees
Posted by Jo-Ann Guilmett on 12 July 2018 07:39 AM

Several PSU employees have reported receiving an email claiming to be from a member of the PSU Senior leadership team via a gmail account.  The tone of the messages is persuasive and overly assertive; in which the sender asks the PSU employee to undertake an urgent errand on their behalf.

These messages are a social engineering attempt to prey upon PSU employees.  Be vigilant! 

Email communication is particularly
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IMPORTANT: Please keep us in the loop as your plan your Summer Office Moves
Posted by Jo-Ann Guilmett on 22 May 2018 08:16 AM

Once again it looks like a busy summer at Plymouth State with a number of office moves and program shifts to accommodate our transition to Clusters and to improve services for our students.  In order for us to help make your move as smooth as possible, it is essential that you keep ITS in the loop!


  1. Computers and other technology devices such as monitors, docking stations, etc. are
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A few important Tech Tips as the school year finishes!
Posted by Jo-Ann Guilmett on 22 May 2018 08:07 AM
POP3 Email is being retired

Information Technology Services (ITS) will discontinue the support of the POP3 email protocol at the end of the spring semester. We believe we have identified and already communicated with all employees who use the POP3 protocol. However, if you use POP3 and did not receive an email from ITS, you will need to begin using the MAP or Exchange protocol before Monday, May 21, 2018. Please schedule a time for Desktop
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Beware of Online Criminals
Posted by Jo-Ann Guilmett on 14 December 2017 11:24 AM

The Holidays are a time when we typically see a significant increase in the amount of fraudulent email.  Please be mindful of email scams, phishing, quick money and other extortion schemes.

These online criminals and predators frequently take advantage of the busy time of year in the hope of tricking people out of their usernames, passwords, money and other personally identifiable information.  

Legitimate businesses will never ask you to click on a link in an email to
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November Workshops and Drop In Hours
Posted by Jo-Ann Guilmett on 02 November 2017 04:59 PM

Six week grades are complete! The race is on to the end of the semester for learning, collaborating, and reflecting...

During this time, remember that the Client Services and Academic Technology team is here to support your work and help you throughout the academic year. If you have any questions on Moodle, Mahara, Office 365, Lynda, WordPress, CoursEval, Zoom, 3D Printing or other technologies, please stop by during our drop-in sessions; send an
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